People of Distinction Humanitarian Awarded to Dr Simon Casey

“People of Distinction” Humanitarian Awarded to Dr. Simon Casey

For over 20 years Dr. Simon Casey has been instrumental in educating, motivating, and inspiring others to achieve their goals of inner fulfillment and happiness. He is exemplary in approaching others non-judgmentally and effectively guides each individual to a deep understanding of their feelings and how they express their feelings as emotions to others.  He insightfully guides individuals, couples, co-workers, and groups, how to best understand their emotions and interactions amongst each other.

Dr. Simon is superlative in developing such concepts as Emotional Mastery and Executive Emotional Coaching that provides others with effective emotional skills and tools to overcome their emotional frailties and vulnerabilities.  This provides individuals, groups, and therapists the skills they require to overcome their inherited or acquired behaviors to become effective and productive in life’s activities.

Dr. Simon’s nonjudgmental yet insightful knowledge of his clients’ various problems is astounding. His specialties include eating disorders, cutting behavior, couples in distress, chemical dependences of all types, and especially dual diagnosis.  Dr. Simon has a gift of listening to and reflecting the client’s true feelings and emotions.  He assists clients in gaining new insights into their behaviors that empowers them toward self improvement and happiness in life.  By gentle and appropriate education Simon is able to unentangle years of twisted feelings, emotions, and behavior so that clients are able to face the trials and tribulations within their life with greater a greater sense of confidence and insight leading to successful outcomes.

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